Biological Arts Theatre (Infinite Saree)

6 04 2011

Biological Arts Theatre

Open Call to All

Bio-Art Workshop
The Gary Cass, lab scientist will run a Bio-Art Workshop, which it will provide a platform in creating artworks from various biological science techniques such as extracting DNA and working with tissue and bacteria cultures.

3D Workshop
Steve Rice will run a 3D Film Workshop, which it will explore techniques and notion of 3D film effects. This technique will be use to explore the visual dimensional of theatre through space, movements, sounds and texts.

When: 30 April to 1 May 2011
Where: TBC
Cost: FREE
Places are limited

Application submission by 16 April 2011

The final work will be a theatre/performance event titled Infinite Saree. Shortlisted artists from the workshop will be invited to join with the Infinite Saree theatre to develop a unique performance/theate event. Both experienced and new artists are encouraged to apply.

Pls download the application form at

Infinite Saree

27 12 2010

An Asian performance theatre, tentatively called the ‘Infinite Saree’. It will be developed through several biological art workshops, 3D film workshops, and dance workshops, using scenes from the Mahabharata dealing with creation, life and death as the inspiration.

More info:

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