A Crossroads

4 03 2011

A Crossroads is a performance event and exhibition that gathers together four artists from four different countries from across Southeast Asia. Over its two week duration, the exhibition becomes a site of artistic dialogue and exchange between the artists and with the writer and curator, Adele Tan. Through this interaction, the project also explores the boundaries and interplay between performance and art practices.

The works in the exhibition begin as a suite of performances by artists Iwan Wijono from Indonesia, Kata Sanghae from Thailand, Singapore artist Lynn Lu and Ngyuen Anh Tuan from Vietnam. It concludes as a residual display and reflection of the interrelations between the four divergent practices.

Live Performances
16 March, 1 – 2pm: Lynn Lu & Kata Sangkhae
17 March, 6.30 – 7.30pm: Tuan Nguyen & Iwan Wijono

Public Programme
Artists’ talk: 11 March, 5pm
Speakers: Iwan Wijono & Lynn Lu
Venue: Block F, Level 2, Room #F201

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