24 03 2011

NOW! performance art event

is an attempt to be against the routine of an academic system. Located in NTU, the event is organized by and for NTU community. Happening a week after the term break, when students are slowly getting into preparation of exams, this event aims to provide an alternative experience within the commonplace of the campus.

Artists involved are Ayano Hattori, Grace Jean, Jason Lee, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Malvina …Tan, Marla Bendini, Teow Yue Han and Vincent Chow.

date: 25 March, Friday
time : 2-6pm
site: ADM, NTU Canteen A and outside NTU

schedule of performances:

NTU Canteen A
2pm to 4pm : Teow Yue Han, Projection III
5pm to 5.30pm : Grace Jean, A Probable Error

ADM Lobby
3pm to 3.30pm : Marla Bendini, Surrogate N°1
3.30pm to 4pm : Malvina Tan, Make-up

ADM Cafe
2.30pm to 4.30pm : Ayano Hattori, (untitled)
4pm to 4.30pm : Kelvin Atmadibrata, White Crane

Outside NTU
2pm – 6pm : Vincent Chow, Hello Stranger

Documentation of the event will be showcased as a one-day show

date: 5 April, Tuesday
time: 1-8pm
venue: Dahlia Gallery, 69A Pagoda Street, Chinatown MRT


A Crossroads

4 03 2011

A Crossroads is a performance event and exhibition that gathers together four artists from four different countries from across Southeast Asia. Over its two week duration, the exhibition becomes a site of artistic dialogue and exchange between the artists and with the writer and curator, Adele Tan. Through this interaction, the project also explores the boundaries and interplay between performance and art practices.

The works in the exhibition begin as a suite of performances by artists Iwan Wijono from Indonesia, Kata Sanghae from Thailand, Singapore artist Lynn Lu and Ngyuen Anh Tuan from Vietnam. It concludes as a residual display and reflection of the interrelations between the four divergent practices.

Live Performances
16 March, 1 – 2pm: Lynn Lu & Kata Sangkhae
17 March, 6.30 – 7.30pm: Tuan Nguyen & Iwan Wijono

Public Programme
Artists’ talk: 11 March, 5pm
Speakers: Iwan Wijono & Lynn Lu
Venue: Block F, Level 2, Room #F201

Please click here for more details.

Butterflies in my stomach, Bees around my head.

4 03 2011

Angie Seah will be performing during the opening night of her solo exhibition at The Esplanade (Jendela) on 10th March 2011, 7pm.

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23 02 2011

With “men only” (October 2010) BBB Johannes Deimling has started a series of performance art events with a special focus on Performance art practices. The next performance art afternoon with the title “FROM ME TO YOU” will focus on a specific idea of cooperation.
8 young international artists are invited to write a performance for one of the other artists. The audience will see 8 performances performed not by the author of the piece. The artists have been in contact with each other to find ideas for the concept. It’s not about to show an individual piece, it’s more about to draw attention and respect to the work, the person and to understand the process of creation in a different way.
Each performance will not be any longer than 10 minutes. During the breaks we will serve coffee, tea and cake.
The event is financed by PAS│Performance Art Studies and will be documented by Matthias Pick (photo) and Christopher Hewitt (video).

More info:

BUKA JALAN International Performance Art Festival

17 02 2011

Buka Kolektif is proud to present BUKA JALAN International Performance Art Festival from 25 – 28 February 2011 at the National Art Gallery of Malaysia. The festival brings together 16 international and local artists in an exciting program that includes workshops, talks and performances.

Considered an experimental and contemporary visual art from, performance art often uses strong imagery, local materials and the human body. It can be presented anywhere, be it an art gallery, the street or a shopping mall. As such, it has the potential to reach audiences in completely different ways than conventional object-based art such as painting or sculpture.

Through performance art, we can make daring, humorous or insightful statements that cut across boundaries and bring different communities together.

Many Malaysian visual artists have participated in international performance art festivals in Asia, Europe and North America. There have also been some local performance art events. However, Malaysia has yet to organize a public performance art festival of its own. With the generous support of the National Art Gallery, this will be our modest effort to start the first international performance art festival in Malaysia that is open to the public.

More info:

Open Call for participants R.I.T.E.S. workshop “Fragile Limits”

16 02 2011

This is an open call for participants.

it is suitable both for the experienced and inexperienced artists who want to develop their work in performance and an insight the practice artist duo VestAndPage (Germany/Italy).


R.I.T.E.S. Workshop:

VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes)

Workshop: “Fragile Limits

Date: 3 and 4 May 2011

Venue: The Substation

Program Schedule:

Tuesday 3rd May –

10am to 1pm Classroom

1pm to 2pm Lunch

2pm to 6pm Dance Studio

Wednesday 4th May

9am to 5pm Dance Studio

Limited to maximum 15 participants

Fee: S$100

For registration or more info call Reef at: 94301624

or email:


Participants are required to bring comfortable clothes, one object they feel related to, 2 man-size covers, eg. Bed sheets, sleeping bags.

Never as Always. Now as Always. Here and now.

Where I am, I do not know it, I will never know it.

In the silence, you don’t know it,

Tired of looking at things from an usual and obsolete perspective, with few friends, full of memories and remembrances, with a no-limits imagination, pathological, perverted, deprived, deviant, surreal, overwhelmed and overruled by daily prosaic worries and ordinary thoughts, being still beautiful, in a constant journey towards new productions, slowly moving to an end, living into an irreversible crisis, always clutched by doubts, sometimes radiant, other times miserable, being stuck for an answer, when where is a nowhere or somewhere else, with at least a hope in our hearts- looking at a feeble response, our fragile constituent limits – we invite people to gather those left things they really care- to share them with us and the others.

It offers a key to understand how a performance artist can approach through a process of making a performative piece.

– During the exercises in different conditions the participants are being provided with tools and conceive, create and realize a performance, using mainly the own body as a tool. The exercises are aimed to touch and develop our most human inner sensors in order to activate memories, and to open our perception to transform pure ideas into a concrete, primarily real action.

– Further, the goal is to get distance from the mere being “virtuous” by establishing, evaluating, and energizing the personal action in one’s self.

The workshop result will be the presentation of each participant’s performance.


organized by


supported by

The Artists Village, Singapore

The Substation, Singapore


National Arts Council, Singapore

This Is Performance Art (Aberdeen)

14 02 2011

Citymoves presents four days of performance art, in partnership with New Moves International and Peacock Visual Arts. An unmissable chance to experience world class work never before seen in the North East.

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