Some news updates from Peformance Art Studies (PAS)

15 04 2011

Here are some news updates we recieved from PAS newsletter.


PAS – Performance Art Studies 

PAS – Performance Art Studies, is a professional studio that is offering intensive studies to young artists, art students and other interested people in Performance Art since 2008. The aim of these studies is to provide the participants a unique form of classes about the big topic of Performance Art and to include them into the international network as well.

* Upcoming
PAStudies *


#19 Intensified Dialogues from the 6th till the 15th of May in Trybunalski and Krákow ( Poland )

in cooperation with the international performance art festival Interakcje, curated by Arti Grabowski

Intensified dialogues is investigating the permanent conflicts in our daily life encounters on an emotional and intellectual level. As social beings, we are thinking in categories and classifications, we are consisting of numerous contradictions regarding our personal history and origins. This influences our behaviors and images in encounters with each other. During the workshop we will experience our differences in the ways we are sharing ideas and interests and dealing with conflicts and limitations. This cultural, emotional and aesthetical diversity is seen as a value and a chance to formulate and express individual positions and intensify each individual artistic expression.


Apply now! Limited places!
Deadline for applications: April 30th
Early bird price: by confirmed registrations before the 15th of April

Information and application form >>>
Please feel free to forward this information


It is a big pleasure for PAS to thank a great audience at the Flutgraben e.V./Berlin for our first PASproject 2011 “From Me To You” on last Sunday. We all have seen an inspiring performance art event with tea, coffee and handmade cake from the bakery “Seidenschnur”. Eight young performance artists have written performances as a gift “from me to you”.

Please see our documentation soon >>>

We also had our first run with a live stream, and can say, it was an experiment. We do apologies for inconveniences because of technical problems. But we want to continue to improve this as a technical opportunity.
The next PASproject will be in Vienna . More information soon.

* PASresidency *

We are  happy to announce that PAS will be able to provide a performance art residency in Fredrikstad ( Norway ) starting from summer 2011. The one-week residency will provide free accommodation, working space and travel cost. This can be seen as a special opportunity for PASmembers.

Check here for further information soon >>>

PASmember *

PAS is very pleased to share a brilliant video work by PASmember Félix Fernández

Please check >>>

* PASnews *

With a big pleasure PAS wants to announce our collaboration with Tabea Hörnlein and the “Theater der jungen Generation” in Dresden . Tabea is the new artistically director of this institution for youth theatre and will be the new head of the PASyouth section. So, we are looking forward to organise the first PASyouth summer school in Dresden for youth and teenagers in Performance Art. The workshop will be conducted by two PASmembers.

Please visit the PASwebsite for further information and follow the bird under:
Please feel free to forward this information or download it and spread out:



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