24 03 2011

NOW! performance art event

is an attempt to be against the routine of an academic system. Located in NTU, the event is organized by and for NTU community. Happening a week after the term break, when students are slowly getting into preparation of exams, this event aims to provide an alternative experience within the commonplace of the campus.

Artists involved are Ayano Hattori, Grace Jean, Jason Lee, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Malvina …Tan, Marla Bendini, Teow Yue Han and Vincent Chow.

date: 25 March, Friday
time : 2-6pm
site: ADM, NTU Canteen A and outside NTU

schedule of performances:

NTU Canteen A
2pm to 4pm : Teow Yue Han, Projection III
5pm to 5.30pm : Grace Jean, A Probable Error

ADM Lobby
3pm to 3.30pm : Marla Bendini, Surrogate N°1
3.30pm to 4pm : Malvina Tan, Make-up

ADM Cafe
2.30pm to 4.30pm : Ayano Hattori, (untitled)
4pm to 4.30pm : Kelvin Atmadibrata, White Crane

Outside NTU
2pm – 6pm : Vincent Chow, Hello Stranger

Documentation of the event will be showcased as a one-day show

date: 5 April, Tuesday
time: 1-8pm
venue: Dahlia Gallery, 69A Pagoda Street, Chinatown MRT



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