BUKA JALAN International Performance Art Festival

17 02 2011

Buka Kolektif is proud to present BUKA JALAN International Performance Art Festival from 25 – 28 February 2011 at the National Art Gallery of Malaysia. The festival brings together 16 international and local artists in an exciting program that includes workshops, talks and performances.

Considered an experimental and contemporary visual art from, performance art often uses strong imagery, local materials and the human body. It can be presented anywhere, be it an art gallery, the street or a shopping mall. As such, it has the potential to reach audiences in completely different ways than conventional object-based art such as painting or sculpture.

Through performance art, we can make daring, humorous or insightful statements that cut across boundaries and bring different communities together.

Many Malaysian visual artists have participated in international performance art festivals in Asia, Europe and North America. There have also been some local performance art events. However, Malaysia has yet to organize a public performance art festival of its own. With the generous support of the National Art Gallery, this will be our modest effort to start the first international performance art festival in Malaysia that is open to the public.

More info: http://bukakolektif.blogspot.com/



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