R.I.T.E.S #8

28 10 2010

8 pm till late, Friday, 5th November 2010

Venue: Show Room, Post-Museum.

Address: 107+109 Rowell Road Singapore 208033

Participating artists:

Jittima Pholsawek (TH)

Eric Scott Nelson (US/KP)

Alice De Visscher (BE)

Cheng Guang Feng (CN)

Lynn Lu (SG)

Him Lo (HK)

Artists’ profile:

Jittima Pholsawak

1) Jittima Pholsawak is an artist, writer and poet, residing and working in Thailand. She graduated from the College of Fine Arts of Bangkok in Thailand, Jittima made her first debut performance at Concrete House (an independent art center in Bangkok) in 1991. She is one of the core-initiator of art exhibitions by Thai women artists on “TradiSextion” which has later developed into the critically acclaimed art project “Womanifesto” which challenges the identity and socio-political relations between women and their society. Jittima had participated in the renowned “Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival” since its inception from 1998. The artist’s work deals much with border-cultures, migrant issues and environmental concerns of the Indo-Chine region. She was also the co-organiser of the Thailand-Burma friendship project “Salaween River Art Project”, “The Urak Lavoy Community Art Project” in Lanta Island, Krabi, “Mobile” art exhibition of sea nomads and lately the “Shared River” project which is a research, survey and exhibition on the Thai-Laotian Mekhong river basin.

Eric Scott Nelson

2) Eric Scott Nelson has created projects and performances in the USA, Europe, and Asia. His work is often multi-layered and involves exploring the relationship of place, people, action, and language.  The foundation of many of his projects and performances comes from a ‘word map’. These maps are created by writing a word, usually a verb, by walking through the streets in different cities.  It is within these maps that thoughts are formed, images and sounds are gathered, and actions are explored. The projects are then further expanded upon by making additional performances and other works that are connected to the original word and place. Eric Scott Nelson’s formal art education was at Arizona State University, where he focused on video, sound art, and performance. He is currently living in Seoul, S. Korea. http://www.makegroup.org/ericscottnelson/

More info about his performance: http://foreignerjoy.blogspot.com/2010/08/international-artist-community-show.html

Alice De Visscher

3) Alice De Visscher lives and works in Brussels (Belgium). In her performances, Alice uses her body, objects and space to explore the relationships between them. She‘s investigating the physical and poetical relationships, by creating strange images or actions which stimulate the imagination of the audiences. Her interest is in the elements of a certain material (and of the material of the body), breaking down their pre-conceived meanings and juxtaposing them to create new meanings and imagination. By doing so, Alice creates peculiar images and identities with everyday life objects vis-à-vis her body. The artist’s works focuses mainly on performances and videos. http://alicedevisscher.mosaicglobe.com/

Cheng Guang Feng: 无声试验

4) Cheng Guang Feng was born in 1983 in Shenyang, China. He graduated in 2001 from Shenyang Art Academy majoring in drawing and had resided in Singapore while he was pursuing his art education with a scholarship from Nayang Academy of Fine Arts (ceramics). Guang Feng has regularly participated in numerous exhibitions in Singapore; “Insomnia 48hrs” at The Arts House in 2004 and “Discovery”, his first solo exhibition at Your Mother Gallery in 2005, and is a current member of the alternative art group “Artists Village” in Singapore. Cheng Guang Feng has since presented his artworks in many different countries, as well as commissioned by different galleries and collectors to exhibit his artworks in and outside of China. The artist is currently based and working in Beijing and Shenyang, China.

5) Lynn Lu is an installation/performance artist from Singapore. Trained at Carnegie Mellon University, San Francisco Art Institute, and École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (Paris), she completed a doctoral program (A.B.D.) at Musashino Art University (Tokyo). In her practice, the sentient body is seen as the main medium for perceiving and presenting (versus representing) meaning (versus message) through direct personal experience. Engaging vigorously with the present reality of all that is here-and-now, the meaning of her context-specific works often manifest in the resonant relationships created between herself and her audience, and between the audience themselves. Since 1997, Lynn has exhibited and performed extensively throughout Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas. Lynn currently works between London and Singapore. http://www.lynnlu.info/

6) Him Lo is a Hong Kong-born artist who has attained his higher art education with Middlesex University (VCD BA Illustration) First Class Honours and RMIT University (BA) Fine Arts. His work is mainly a quest of the form of the existence in the city environment. He focuses in the relations between the ego and physical. Through percieved violent and dark expression, he expressed time with a sense of emergency. Last year he made three performances, « Invisible Mark », « Running Project » and « Leave Me + Build Me » in which document the artist’s life in response to his living environment. . He uses different media to express his thought and feeling. His artisitc practice  focuses mainly on painting, performance and illustration of story books

Him Lo has published three books, « Two Swallows » in 2004, « My beloved cat » in 2006 and « White » in 2008. http://www.himlo.com/



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