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17 08 2010

“Hermes’ Ear”

On actuality of the Hermesian metaphors in the humanities,
music and arts of today.

An artist talk by Jozef Cseres [SK]

7pm, Thursday, 19 August 2010
at Post-Museum, 107+109 Rowell Road S209033

For more information:
Lee Wen (+65)90173926 /
Kai Lam (+65)96207281
[R.I.T.E.S organisers]
Artist Biography:
Jozef Cseres (b. 1961) lectures on aesthetics and the philosophy of music and visual arts at Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia), the University of Ostrava in Ostrava (Czech Republic) and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno (Czech Republic). The structural relations between music and myth, the problem of artistic representation in the arts, artistic intermedia and experimental and improvised music stand at the center of his research and theoretical interests. He is the author of two books and many essays, articles and translations. Since 1997 he has been the director of the international project the Rosenberg Museum in Violín, Slovakia, and since 1999 an editorial board member of the international journal for literature and arts Hungarian Workshop. In 2000 he co-founded the Kassák Centre for Intermedia Creativity and since 2001 he has run the label HEyeRMEarS/DISCORBIE, devoted to experimental and improvised music and intermedia creativity. Under his artistic nickname HEyeRMEarS, Cseres balances on the borders between the discursive and nondiscursive modes of expression and between art and games in performances, installations, audiovisual collages and various intermedia.



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30 08 2010
Kai Lam

Here’s a followup on Jozef Cseres’ “Hermes’ Ear” talk,
in his talk, the book “Noise: The political economy of music” by Jacques Attali was quoted. below are some links of related subjects.

Outline of Jacques Attali, Noise – cs%20of%20music/attali%27snoise.htm

review J. Attali’s book, Noise: The Political Economy of Music –

“Noise: The Political Economy of Music”, J. Attali (E-book)-

Jozef Cseres also spoke about his music label, Hermes,
and one of his long-time collaborator and label musician, artist, Jon Rose.

Jon Rose’s works – projects_sydney_fence.html

Embedded music of the Fence projects in these links:

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