R.I.T.E.S #6

23 07 2010


1. Jacklyn Soo
2. Roan Lizhen
3. Kelvin Atmadibrata
4. Zhuang Yusa

Friday 23 July 2010, 7.30 pm

 Brother Joseph McNally Gallery,

Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore,
1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940
Tel (65) 6496 5070

Supported by:

National Arts Council
The Artists Village

Jackyln Soo

Jacklyn Soo sees infinite possibilities of engagement and challenge in art.The various paths lead to the development and understanding of its diverse forms and wide-ranging subjects that art undertakes. Jacklyn Soo is currently working on the theme of commodities; exploiting studies of orders, systems, societies, imagination of the self and the existence of the human psyche. With this in mind, her works have manipulated itself into works of performance art, sculpture, drawings, photography, installation and more recently, audio- visual mediums.

Roan Lizhen

Roan Lizhen is a multi-disciplinary artist whose unique performative works in the form of drawing, painting, objects, video, photography and installation when she was in London. Graduating from Goldsmiths College, London she is increasingly producing performance art pieces in Singapore. Roan Lizhen teaches art and sees herself as an undercover hippie on a journey of self-discovery.

Kelvin Atmadibrata

Kelvin Atmadibrata born 1988 in Indonesia. He is currently pursuing BFA majoring in Interactive Media at NTU School of Art, Design and Media. His art practice includes installation, performance and mixed media works. His current works explore the comparison between adults and children, relating to his personal family background and the Indonesian Chinese popular culture. Kelvin has been practicing art since 2006 and participated in various group shows including the recent Imprints exhibition at red dot museum, organized by National Heritage Board and curated by Singapore Contemporary Young Artists.

Zhuang Yusa lives in Singapore. His poetry has been published in Asia Writes, Sargasso (Puerto Rico), ditch, (Canada), The Toronto Quarterly, Ganymede, The Los Angeles Review, Softblow, nth position and elsewhere. He is a founding editor of Walnut Literary Review (www.walnutliteraryreview.net). He blogs at zhuangyusa.blogspot.com.



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