R.I.T.E.S #1

12 08 2009


12th August 2009
7 pm, Wednesday (first instalment)
Presenting: Danny Devos, Chia Chu Yia, Marienne Yang, Yuzuru Maeda
Venue: Old School
The Hall
11B Mount Sophia
Singapore 228466
website –  http://www.oldschool.sg/

Danny Devos was born in Vilvoorde (Belgium) and lives in Antwerp, Belgium. Since 1979 he has done a huge number of hard-core performances and noise-music concerts. He was also founder of the first visual artist’s union in Belgium. His work is visible live only but often accessible via the internet and by random leaflets left behind on various occasions. His latest project “Diggin’ for Gordon” is a tribute to the American artist Gordon Matta-Clark. At an unknown location, DDV is digging a hole for over two years now. The progress of the performance can only be seen through a webcam.


Marienne Yang
Marienne Yang was born in 1983, Singapore. In 2009, she graduated with a MA in Contemporary Practice from the University of Huddersfield, and in 2004, she graduated with a B.FA and a Dean’s Roll of Excellence from the School of Fine Arts of The University of Tasmania, Australia. Despite having majored in Electronic Art and Art and Design Theory, Yang’s early works were mainly photographs, traditional and digital prints and the occasional video. From the spring of 2004 to the summer of 2005, she resided in Studio Village, Queensland, working on a series of small relief prints in the confines of a kitchen. Moving back to Singapore, she pursued her other passion – as an art teacher at local secondary schools for the following two years. Between 2005 and 2006, she organised two art projects as a member of The Artists Village (TAV), and participated in various other exhibitions.

Chia Chu Yia

Chuyia Chia is a multi-disciplinary artist, obtained her diploma in NAFA, and BA withdistinction from Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia. Her major was painting, but her exploration and curiosity directs her from painting to installation art and performance art. Her endeavor has earned her some awards and residencies opportunity in overseas. She was surrounded by the idea of structuring her identity from the changes of different environments, also concerning about senses of direction, placement and reviews. She uses body and mirror as a metaphor in search for discovery and possibility in her reflectivity selfstructure. Her performance art focus on various current crisis issues. Her involvement was in Fetter Field and Maju Jaya in 2007, UP-ON Chengdu International live art festival, Vital 6 International festival in Chongqing, The 6th Dadao Live art festival in Beijing and The Future of Imagination 5 in Singapore, The 10th Asiatopia in Bangkok in 2008, Infr’action Paris 2009, Live-action Gothenburg 2009 and Momentum #4 in Belgium in 2009.

Yuzuru Maeda was born in Ogaki, Japan in 1978 is active as a singer, performer and composer. Her music includes jazz, Hindustani classical, Carnatic, Hindi film songs, Japanese music and experimental music. She is also a classical violinist and an Arabic percussionist. She has explored different types of musical genre through her research travels in Africa, Europe, North America, India and Asia between 1999 to 2007. She has especially studied 1960’s and 1970’s rock records and its culture from the original generations. Her contact with experimental music led her to research in Zimbabwe’s Mbira music and Carnatic music from South India. Her musical lineage cross-references La Monte Young and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. She explores in cross cultural music that is creatively experimental and expressive musically attempting to go beyond time and space. She has performed live electro-acoustics sets in Choppa events, Singapore (2007); Black Market, Singapore (2009) and recently participated in Guang, Music of New Millenium, an international composers’ symposium in Bali, Indonesia (2009).

Photo: “Video Conference: Solo 1.0” , Yuzuru Maeda in collaboration with Urich Lau




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